Zona WIFI with Social Networks connection – Marketing

Product Description

Zona WIFI with Social Networks connection – Marketing

Powerfull marketing tool. Add a value to your WIFI and business with letting to consumers connect to your internet through their favorite social network and get their personal information for automated marketing with our free tools.

Easy to install and use application

Connect with social Networks

Internationalize your business

Customer Support for this service

Service Features

  • Extend Your Brand with WIFI SOCIAL
  • Save information about consumer
  • Display images and video advertising before connect
  • DisplayLIKE US dialog
  • Consumer can share your business on Facebook
  • Data Hosting
  • Multilanguage available
  • 150Mbps Speed
  • Private network with password connection
  • Public network with social connection
  • WIFI certified
  • Save user devices for security and cyber crime
  • FanPage Landing page
  • Website landing page
  • Advertising application manager
  • Logo and background image updater
  • Customer support 24/7

Available Languages


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